Manufacturer: Atlas Pharma
Substance: Tamoxifen Citrate
Pack: 20 ml bottle (50mg/ml)


Nolvadex is the trade name for the medicine Tamoxifen Citrate.It is not a steroid agent, shows anti estrogenic properties. It shows effects as an estrogen receptor agonist. The tamoxifen molecule binds to estrogen receptors like clomid thus, estrogen is blocked and cannot have any impact.So bodybuilders commonly add the drug to their post cycle therapy for avoiding estrogenic side effects. It is the most powerful anti-estrogen drug with clomid and arimidex. It is also utilized as a preventative measure, used for treating breast cancer. The fact that nolvadex reduces water retention.In a nutshell, nolvadex can help to steroids users in two ways. At first, it is able to help in prevention of gynocomastia and other anti-estrogenic side effects which occur in breast, bone and liver. Secondly, I think it is more beneficial, it has ability to increase production of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone in this wise, it helps to increase testosterone. This ability is why it is usually used by bodybuilders during their post cycle therapy. Many numbers of studies Show that tamoxifen citrate dramatically increases those hormone that mentioned earlier.

Using and Dosage

To be honest saying, there is very little studies regarding dosing of tamoxifen citrate. The limited studies Show that 20 or 40 mgs per day are suitable for fighthing estrogenic side effects and raising testosterone levels. A 4 or 5 weeks use is good enough to catch up natural testosterone levels. There are different 2 opinions regarding when should tamoxifen be used: during cycle or after cycle(during post cycle therapy). Some researchers claim that it should be exactly used together with your steroid cycle starting from first day.According to these guys in this wise, risk of gynocomastia is minimized and also provided increase in testosterone dramatically. Others says that nolvadex should be used just in post cycle therapy. It’s good enough to back natural testosterone levels and for treating anti-estrogenic side effects especially gyno accordingly.

Side Effects

Side effects of tamoxifen citrate are rarely seen. I only make do counting names of them. Reduction of insulin, some vision problem, other hormonal problems.

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