Facts that you need to know about PCT supplements
Facts that you need to know about PCT supplements

At this present time, steroidal supplements have become quite popular among the sports personalities. Most of the sports people (including professional bodybuilders, athletes, cyclists, powerlifters etc.) use steroidal substances to strengthen their physique and to enhance their endurance level. If you are a professional bodybuilder and want to retain the positive effects of steroids for a long time, use PCT supplements after completing the cycle.

It is known to all that steroids are the synthetic version of testosterone. These supplements improve the testosterone level in the users’ physique. Furthermore, steroidal substances enhance users’ performance level and increase their bone density. There are different types of steroids available in the market. Though many people use these substances for reducing their body fat, most of the sports personalities use these medicinal supplements to improve their performance.

You must know that every medicinal supplement has both positive and negative effects. And this is why it is seen that people who use these substances for a long time face some common side effects including gynecomastia, water retention, increased aggression, hair loss etc. In order to prevent these side effects, people use PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) supplements. These supplements help people to retain their achieved results for a long time. Furthermore, these substances also help people to get rid of the side effects easily.

What is PCT?

More or less everyone knows that steroidal supplements help people to get a strong and muscular physique. But it is unfortunate that these substances prevent users’ physique to produce an adequate amount of natural testosterone. This is why people face many health issues. In order to prevent users’ physique from these health issues, people should follow the pose cycle therapy. During this therapy, people use some medicinal supplements that help users to get back the ability to produce natural testosterone. These supplements are called PCT supplements.

Benefits of using PCT supplements

At this present time, a large number of steroid users use anti-estrogen supplements after completing their steroid cycle. It is seen that these supplements have many benefits. So, let’s have a quick glance on the benefits of PCT substances.

1) If you are a steroid user, you must know that these supplements have adverse impacts as well. And people who use them for a long time have to face some health issues. PCT supplements help people avoid those health issues easily.

2) It is seen that most of the testosterone boosters enhance users’ estrogen level. And this is why people have to face estrogenic side effects. Estrogen blockers suppress the estrogen production in the users’ physique and thus, they help people to avoid these side effects.

3) PCT substances help people to retain their gained results for a long time.

Types of Post Cycle Therapy Products

At present, many PCT supplements are available in the market. In order to get the proper details about those supplements, please go through the below passages.

1) Arimidex: Arimidex is one of the popular estrogen blockers and it is widely appreciated by the people who use steroids on a daily basis. This oral supplement helps people by suppressing their natural estrogen production. People should use it 1mg tablet/day and they can take it with or without food.

2) Clomid: Though this medicinal supplement is used to treat infertility in women, it is one of the best anti-estrogenic supplements. According to the sources, a number of steroid users use this supplement during their post cycle therapy. The recommended dosage of this supplement is 50mg/day.

3) Nolvadex: This supplement is widely used for treating breast cancer. Actually, this medicinal supplement blocks the growth of breast cancer. Furthermore, this PCT supplement is also used for preventing users’ physique from estrogenic side effects. It is an oral supplement and the recommended dosage of this supplement is 10mg/day.

Is it safe to use PCT supplements?

According to the sources, using anti-estrogenic supplements for a short period of time is completely safe for the people. But the longtime use of these supplements could create some health issues. It is seen that improper use of these substances may cause of many health issues including, osteoporosis, vertigo, constipation, joint pain, depression, nausea, bone demineralization etc. For this reason, people should use always the right dosage of these supplements.

Now, you must be thinking that where to buy genuine anti-estrogenic supplements. In this case, you must visit the further discussion properly.

Where to buy estrogen blockers?

At present, people prefer online buying mostly. There are many online suppliers who supply the best quality anti-estrogenic supplements at reliable prices. You must choose the renowned online sources where you can get the genuine quality products at the best available market prices. Furthermore, these renowned suppliers offer easy online buying to the buyers.

Hope, this discussion will help you to get enough information about PCT substances.