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The Growth Factor-Mecano is a newly discovered variant of IGF-1. This growth factor occurs during a sequence of alternate splicing and IGF protein plays a strong role in supporting the proliferation of myoblasts. Expression of FGM, as many growth factors discussed herein, is a major regulator of muscle tissue in response to stimulation of stretching.

Mechano growth factor (FGM), factor-1 insulin-like growth (IGF-1), a growth factor that binds insulin-like proteins (IGFBP) control muscle growth. Growth hormone (GH) for the control of muscle mass. Growth differentiation factor myostatic (GDF-8) or transforming growth factor b (TGF-b) as a negative regulator of muscle growth.

The doping with genes, included in the list of prohibited substances and methods of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), is tranferir genes directly to human cells to mix with the athlete's DNA in order to enhance muscle growth and the increase in strength or resistance.

Growth hormone (HGH or somatotropin) is one of the most commonly used substances, both naturally secreted (favoring it through training, rest and diet) as taken from exogenously (injected), given its high power in some of the most important mechanisms of human metabolism. In fact, growth hormone is considered the biggest and best lipolytic, among others.

Growth Hormone (HGH) is secreted by the pituitary gland (gland located in the brain) and is a hormone made ​​by different sugars (carbohydrates) and proteins and their function is primarily on two fronts: Growth by retaining teijdos and amino nitrogen therein and metabolic function (inhibits glucose and promotes fat consumption). It stimulates mainly to heavy physical exertion and through rest.

Several current claim that HGH is much better and more effective than any anabolic steroid when improving body composition (more muscle and less fat), optimizing performance and much physical effort. It is also more difficult to detect than those named steroids.

Moreover, the action recuperating after musculoskeletal injuries makes growth hormone which is essential in many competitive sports (rumored to be widely used in the world of elite soccer), although there are no studies that measure with very clarifying certain improved accuracy in other sports brands.

The most visible side effects of HGH abuse are acromegaly (excessive elongation of some bones such as the jaw, head, feet and hands), cardiovascular diseases and excess fat in the skin.

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